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Guns and extreme Preppers

Protecting What is Yours – Is That Extreme

After the Newtown elementary school massacre developed into a large mass scale propaganda machine for Gun Control, now termed “legislation to curb gun violence”,and President Obama’s push for harsh controls on gun ownership,(the nations most aggressive gun control plan in generations) gun and ammo stores are packed with customers buying as many firearms and as much ammunition as they can find.   Moves to expand background checks and limit firearm and magazine sales are still underway. As of today (6/4/13) the Gun Control Debate is still brewing. The democratically controlled senate fell short of votes needed to approve the gun control proposal as written but the Senators on both sides are meeting to “change small but significant” back ground check bill. This to appease those that think their 2nd Amendment rights are being tampered with.

By the way – This year the federal government bid to purchase large amounts of ammunition, hollow point. This ammo can not be used for warfare against another country according to the Geneva convention, (does too much damage).

The Department of Homeland Security put out bids for up to 1.2 billion rounds of ammunition, leading many gun enthusiasts back too the store where the shelf’s were empty.

Extreme Prepping – What is an Extreme Prepper ?


What Do You Consider “Extreme Prepping” ?

Doomsday Preppers took the concept and made it a reality show, with real people talking about how they are preparing for their own personal vision of a catastrophe. On this TV show you can watch many different types of survivalists, or “preppers,” preparing for the end of civilization.

Personally I try to stay away from the TV and don’t take kindly to anyone exploiting people and groups that are preparing for what I see as an inevitable major change. There is NO Way this country and in fact this World system as we know it can continue for ever. For ever is the key word here.

Wither you are prepping for the collapse of this Governmental and monetary system or simply preparing for a flood or hurricane, no one knows exactly when the call will come to show how prepared you are.

Please do not get caught up in the negative comments and propaganda surrounding the “Prepper movement”. Continue your preparedness as you see fit but don’t think that the recommended 3-day bugout bag as prescribed by Governmental agencies is going to get you through any Extreme conditions. You can’t rely on the government or society to help you.


Extreme Situations Call For Extreme Equipment

The more people that are prepping minded, the better off we’ll all do when TSHTF.
If you feel that the preparedness guide of another survival minded person is an obsession don’t knock it, when the time comes these “Extreme Preppers” might be the ones to save your ass.